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Dmitry Glukhovsky?s Metro 2033 - based on the popular Metro 2033 universe created by the Russian novelist Dmitry Glukhovsky - over 700,000 books sold worldwide in more than 20 countries - THQ video game series of the same name for Xbox and PC - the next video game to be launched in March 2013 with $15M+ marketing After the nuclear war, thousands of survivors have found refuge in the Moscow underground. Each player is a leader of one of the factions of post-nuclear metro. In order to win, a faction has to achieve ten victory points. VPs are gained by conquering stations and completing quests. This is a game of adventure, diplomacy, and war. - post-apocalyptic world - plastic miniatures - multiple awards for art design of the board game 12+ Age, 80 min, 2-6 Players

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