Gang Rush Breakout - English

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Go from zero to Fun in no time! In the 1950s, the country was controlled by the mafia. They would make regular runs across the border for ill-gotten goods. The tough part was bringing it back safely! In Gang Rush, players become mafia underlings, trying to get across the border with the most loot. Hazards, like crates, cops, and barriers, will slow them down, but their souped up cars can handle almost anything. They don?t necessarily need to win the race they just can?t finish last! Features: ? 3D Border Crossing - Incredible 3D components make up the board, including the bridge, ramps, barriers, crates, and the amazing vehicles. ? Dicey Decisions - Players roll dice to determine what actions they?re able to do each round. With only three rolls per turn, they?ll need a little luck on their side. ? Classic Cars - Players have their picks of different cars and their drivers. Each one has a special ability that comes in handy in tight situations. Components: 1 Bridge (assembly required) 5 Vintage Cars 5 Dashboards 100 Bills 60 Tokens 5 Ramps (assembly required) 10 Containers (assembly required) 12 Barriers (assembly required) 5 Race Dice 1 Rulebook

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