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BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia Your mother Columbia cries out as foreigners and anarchists threaten her virtue - will you not take up arms and defend her? Will you usher Columbia toward salvation or ruin? 1912. The magnificent floating city of Columbia, intended to be a shining symbol of American exceptionalism , has been disavowed by the very nation that created it. Part world's fair and part battleship, Columbia has erupted into civil war as two sides vie for control of the most important city on Earth. The nationalistic Founders seek to prove that Columbia is even more American than its motherland, and the anarchistic Vox Populi seek to burn the floating city out of the sky. Caught in the middle of the infighting is disgraced former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, and Elizabeth, a mysterious young woman fated to be Columbia's salvation or the bringer of its doom. BioShock Infinite: the Siege of Columbia board game is based on the exciting BioShock Infinite video game. Set during the same series of events as the video game, players take on the role of the Founders and Vox Populi factions, desperately seeking to seize control of Columbia. Players will command mobs of combatants and set them against their opponents, striving to lay claim to the city's bitterly contested districts. Challenging objectives offer tempting advantages, as each side uses their might, influence and resources to claim victory. BioShock Infinite: the Siege of Columbia features The Sky-line: Will your troops ride the rails to cut off enemy forces, or will they zip blindly into a trap? Booker & Elizabeth: Unpredictable and dangerous, Booker and Elizabeth will force players to reconsider their strategies as the two cut a path through the burning city. Powerful Leaders: Command important characters straight from the video game, such as the nihilistic Daisy Fitzroy, or the terrifying Songbird. Tightly-balanced Resources: Will you overwhelm your enemies with superior numbers, or will you focus on controlling the conditions of the war? BioShock Infinite: the Siege Columbia forces players to make tough decisions at every turn. Set Contents: 1 Game Board 1 Rulebook 12 Combat Dice 3 Sky-Line Dice 2 Player Reference Sheets 3 Elizabeth Timeline Cards 13 Red Vox Populi Units 12 Dark Red Vox Populi Units 13 Blue Founder Units 12 Light Blue Founder Units 2 Gray Booker and Elizabeth Units 9 Red Vox Populi Structures 9 Dark Red Vox Populi Structures 9 Blue Founder Structures 9 Light Blue Founder Structures 16 Territory Tokens 5 Destruction Markers 73 Silver Eagles 10 Founder Victory Tokens 10 Vox Populi Victory Tokens 1 Elizabeth Marker 30 Blue Founder Action Cards 30 Light Blue Founder Action Cards 30 Red Vox Populi Action Cards 30 Dark Red Vox Populi Action Cards 4 Founder Leader Cards 4 Vox Populi Leader Cards 15 World Event Cards 15 Victory Point Cards 1 Four Player Turn Order Track 1 First Player Token 14 Key Tokens 40 Upgrade Tokens

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